With just a few days before the April 18 release of Sick²’s newest single, Toge, Kizu, the full music video for the title track has been uploaded!

The video begins with the band members performing in a stage room as their silhouettes watch in brief shots. Other scenes quickly show vocalist Gene standing on a stretch of rocks and rolling around on them. There are also scenes of him dragging a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. The music transitions back and forth from intense to psychedelic, with a moment of bubbly music in the middle. The dim overlays accompanied with red and white paint splatters and alternating red tints accents the music video for an overall ominous feel. Have a look at the video below.

What are your opinions on the song and music video for Toge, Kizu? Are you planning on buying the single? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Toge, Kizu (トゲ、傷。)

Edition A


  1. Toge, Kizu (トゲ、傷。)
  2. Title unannounced


  1. Toge, Kizu (トゲ、傷。) Music Video

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Edition B


  1. Toge, Kizu (トゲ、傷。)
  2. Title unannounced (A)
  3. Title unannounced (B)

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Edition C


  1. Toge, Kizu (トゲ、傷。)
  2. Title unannounced (A)
  3. Title unannounced (C)

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