As a follow-up to January’s single, Hana To Shinjin, LAMP IN TERREN released their new song, Dreams, on April 6, and it’s another winner with buttery smooth yet powerfully emotive vocals from Daio Matsumoto. The tune also features Rickenbackerish keyboards, propulsive drumming, and nicely phrased guitar all supporting a typically soaring chorus that ascends its way to pop nirvana. Hopefully, this flurry of new material means a full album is in the works despite Matsumoto’s recent vocal surgery. Last month, Dreams was picked as the theme song to a Nagasaki International TV baseball centered show.

The band will be selling limited edition CD copies of the single backed with another new tune, New Clothes, at gigs during their spring, four stop Japanese tour with a final show on April 21 at Tokyo’s LIQUIDROOM.



  1. Dreams

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