DEXCORE continue their digital distribution of songs with the abrupt release of BLACK PIG single on April 4, available at all good online stores!

They also released a lyric video emphasizing this heavy song with its use of text and visuals that could very well be seen as an attack on the wealthy people of the world. It starts with a TV showing the words “I’m tired of looking at your face every day, can’t laugh anymore” maybe meaning the person on screen is an old joke now. To then go on mentioning the uselessness of the “child war” that will be fought back with a “toy gun” possibly meaning this may continue to happen.

Vocalist kagami uses words such as “Racism?”, “Lip service”, “There’s a phone on his head”, “Money”, and “If you wanna unite the people, just follow me, cuz I’m the president”. Alongside the image of a pig with a rotary dial phone on its head which could be referencing the current president of the United States, but also their previous song I’m President.

There is also the indication that wealthy people want all the cash in the world and are gluttons with the line “You don’t deserve to eat”. These kinds of people perhaps are also cut from the same cloth or are one in the same as pig-headed humans. This connects with “Let’s march cheerfully today, firmly align your feet, so there is not a slight gap, hello shitty fucking pigs”.

It does come across as kagami making them pay for what they’ve done by marching and chanting. The entirety of it all sure feels militant and political but this is all just speculation so do take it with a pinch of salt.

Check the video below and tell us what you think about it!


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