ONE OK ROCK recently finished their Europe tour late last year with 16 stops across the continent, starting in Switzerland and finishing it off with a gig in France. To keep memories even more vivid, the band released a short four-minute documentary of the tour talking about the experience.

Without me having to tell you this, the four-man band is no stranger to the European crowd as they’ve already toured Europe a couple of times before, yet undoubtedly still passionate about hitting as many stops as possible. I’m sure many people in the Nordic area were surprised to hear them announce the dates, seeing how Japanese bands rarely visit these countries anymore (with the exception of Finland).

In a short video documentary of the European tour “ONE OK ROCK AMBITIONS EUROPEAN TOUR 2017”, the members recapped the experience with their feelings and thoughts. In it, vocalist Taka mentions “Every place is almost sold out. I think it’s the best tour so far.” while the camera man pans into a serious shot of Taka. We will see if this remains the case as currently, ONE OK ROCK is just about to end their Asia tour with only one stop left. Though there is also a possibility Taka might have compared it solely to their past Europe tours. We’ll leave that up to you!

In terms of total attendance, their Japanese live gigs still beat the overseas ones, especially at their tour final shows. However, what really seems to give ONE OK ROCK a sense of achievement is not only this, they’re rather mesmerized and surprised when seeing their overseas fans flawlessly sing along at lives (both in Japanese and English).

Taka: When I’m singing and I forgot the lyrics sometimes, they [the fans] cover it, in Japanese. When I saw it the first time, I was like: “Wow, what the fuck is going on?!”. We’re just a Japanese band. They already know our lyrics and songs. It’s crazy.

The fact that people outside Japan are listening to their music is something the band is thankful and overwhelmed about even to this day. The combination of this is most likely the recipe for why the latest Europe tour had such a big impact on them.

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