As if MIYAVI wasn’t already one of the most beloved artists in the Jrock world. He is now taking a step even further by announcing his plans to release a new EP every month!

We will see the first EP drop sometime in March, although, prior its release there will be no announcement or whatsoever, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled! The same pattern follows for the rest of the upcoming EPs, meaning no prior announcements for those as well. At its current stage, no information has been revealed in terms of how many EPs will be released, nor do we know how many songs will be included in each EP. Normally, an EP consist around four to five songs.

It’s impressive to see how active MIYAVI has become lately. Not only are we able to see him performing rock shows on stage, but also catch him in Hollywood movies such as Unbroken (2014), and Kong: Skull Island (2017). He’s also actively contributing to humanitarian aid, stealing the spotlight in fashion shows and photoshoots, and being an awesome father and husband!

With so much going on, don’t forget that MIYAVI has an upcoming world tour taking place very soon! So far tour dates for Japan, Asia, and Europe have been announced.

And in case you missed our awesome interview with this wonderful man, go ahead and read it here!

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