Promoting their second album now has Develop One’s Faculties release an album preview for Bukkako na Machi to Boku to Kimi, out on February 7! Everything is energetic and lively from the get-go with its pull-no-punches compositions and lyrics that will likely get your head nodding until the end.

It has also allowed us to confirm that it will come in one edition with 12 tracks. This will include previous singles such as Seijyo Towa, Mura, and My World.

The band has also revealed the music video for the aggressively funky fourth song Unintelligible which you can check below!

Bukakkou na Machi to Boku to Kimi (不恰好な街と僕と君)


  1. before
  2. Röntgen
  3. Seijyou Towa (正常とは)
  4. Unintelligible (アンインテリジブル)
  5. Tsutaeru to Iu Koto Majiwaru to Iu Koto (伝えるということ 交わるということ)
  6. Soutaiteki Shinen (相対的思念)
  7. Burei Ou (無礼王)
  8. this is Geijutsu (this is 芸術)
  9. Mura (斑)
  10. Yonjuugo Yonjuuroku (四五四六)
  11. My World
  12. after

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