NSFW warning: The video from 6:40min till 8:38min has Kenji in nothing but his thong. Thank you. 

Laser hair removal. Possibly one of the most painful things women would deliberately inflict on themselves to maintain a silky soft skin. We’re not too surprised by Golden Bomber picking this up as part of their shenanigans now. Recently they have uploaded a video of them covering their own songs on the Official Zany Zap YouTube Channel for us to enjoy.

Starting off with Jun Utahiroba, he has to sing Onaji Yoru (いつもと同じ夜) as his underarm hair gets destroyed. Not even a minute in, he is rolling around on the table. Yutaka steps in to hold him upright as Jun’s eyes watered and his body shook with every laser.

Moral and physical support.

Yutaka Kyan switches place to sing Neeeeeee! whilst getting his leg hairs zapped. You’d think it would hurt much less in comparison to the armpits, but you’d very much mistaken.

Interesting choice of boxers.

Next up is Sho Kiryuin who takes it a step up with Dance My Generation. With teeth gritted, he is visibility shaking but continues to dance through the pain as the rest of the members compares him to a cymbal-banging monkey toy.

Yutaka Kyan starts off with a happy face.

The guys compares him to a cymbal-crashing monkey toy.

Lastly, Kenji, arguably the strangest of the bunch, takes on Memeshikute (女々しくて). As the camera pans to him, he’s crouching on the table with a tiny blue thong. We’ll spare you the screenshot, but as we expected, he is having the hair on his bottom lasered off.

We’ll let you enjoy the reactions, but do you think you could endure the pain of laser hair removal yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

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