“Twintail Day” hashtag (#いいツインテールの日) has been trending on Twitter today. Usually, this happens annually every February 2 (notice the date 2/2) but people seemed to also celebrate this today on November 22  due to the number “two” in the dates.

As you’d expect, this hashtag has been dominated by babyface idols and maids, but with hard work, you’d find a small pool of  Jrockers, including Mana, have gifted us with their collection of selfies in the most adorable hair-do invented. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to collect them here. We’ve saved the best until last, so scroll down for a special treat. If you’ve found any good ones, leave them in the comments.



We’ve got to say, Tomo’s picture was more scary than it was cute. But this wasn’t about the cuteness, but about the twintails, so he checks out! Let us know which one was your favorite, and don’t forget, twintails always look good, regardless of what kind of image your going for. Just ask Tomo.
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