Scintilla has released their debut single Kingsglaive featuring CRYSTAL LAKE vocalist, Ryo. Fans of the famous game series will most likely have noticed “Kingsglaive” is also the title for the animated film which came out in summer 2016. This particular track is about Noctis and his pain and struggle of losing all that is dear to him in order to become something for the greater good, even if it means sacrificing himself.

Scintilla is a metalcore band based in US with strong influences to Japanese bands, including Abstracts, Ling Tosite Sigure, and Girugamesh. Being fans of Ryo and CRYSTAL LAKE’s work, Scintilla reached out to collaborate with Ryo to obtain a heavier presence which you can hear in the music video above. Inspiration derives from struggles of characters from the games and animations while linking those problems to real-world issues that the listener can relate to. They hope to convey a transcendent feeling that taps into the emotions of listeners, leaving you wanting more.




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  1. Kingsglaive

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