Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas - LLLD

The newest album in Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas’s repertoire, which releases on October 25, is fast approaching, almost as fast as the band’s beginning promotions for it, as they uploaded the first music video off this album way back in July. After a couple of months of silence, the band again uploads another music video, this time for the strangely titled, LLLD!

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas - LLLD

We would like everyone reading this to know two very important and life-changing things that happen in this music video. First, in a sudden change of style, vocalist Minami relegates harsh vocals to a secondary position as he busts out his inner Eminem and raps for an entire two verses without any auto-tune, letting us hear his more natural tone of voice. Second, guitarist Taiki exchanges his usual eccentric-ness for pure awesomeness as he appears with a modern haircut and dark sunglasses, all while sporting a fancy black blazer.

Minami clean raps and Taiki is normal? It’s like the entire world has gone crazy!

But yes, that is what happens in this music video, which in and of itself is different, as it has the members walking around the street and has actors, both of which are not typical in a FALILV music video, as they usually just have the members playing in an in-door setting. So make that three big changes happening in this video!

But all of these changes don’t mean the band’s sound has changed. Sure, LLLD is a more relaxed tune than other songs of theirs, but it still includes those sudden genre changes and heavy breakdowns that captured the fans’ hearts.

The full tracklist and album artwork have also been released and can be seen below, and in them we also see one more atypical change in the band: the artwork is not full of colors. Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas’s album artwork has been notorious for having crazy vivid colors and full of details in it, but this one is more subtle and mature, with only a silver sun and the album title, New Sunrise, written below it, all in a black background.

We have no idea what all these changes mean, but we embrace them. This is the first major album from the band, who just signed with Warner Music Japan earlier this year, so perhaps with this jump into mainstream success we may see more changes from the band–the good kind of changes.

New Sunrise

Regular edition


  1. Return to Zero
  2. Before I Fail
  3. Power of Life and Death
  4. LLLD
  5. To Catch the Right Way
  6. Interlude
  7. SHINE
  8. Set Your Goal
  9. Accept Each Other’s Sense of Values
  10. Fight Against the Limit
  11. The Sun Also Rises

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