It’s been quite some time since we had some dark electrocore sweep into our ears, with SEVER BLACK PARANOIA’s return after more than a year of silence, that is about to change with the new self-recorded EP “FLYING LEAP EP”! Now ready for the world to get their hands on, while digital distribution is coming soon!

The first promotional song to introduce the four-man band’s new work is called Phoenix, a heavy electronic piece of work with brutal screams as expected from vocalist Daisuke! It also comes with lots of typical guitar and bass metal chugs, as well as excellent and fast pedal footwork by drummer Hibiki. This time around, the band seem to emphasize their electronic sound more than before but keeps it balanced at an even ratio.

The sound that SEVER BLACK PARANOIA brings to this EP is nothing we haven’t experience from their past music, but it is precisely what I have personally been waiting for them to deliver! This is the type of music that keeps your head moving to the beat without you even realizing it!

Music video of the title track Phoenix, from the new FLYING LEAP EP:

Lyrics video for Autumnal Gloom, also from the new EP.



  1. Flaming Immortal Wings
  2. Phoenix
  3. Autumnal Gloom
  4. Violence to the Steel Gray Night
  5. Breathe D.C.

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