Seeing a Japanese man with blonde or bleached hair is quite rare, seeing as how your typical Japanese citizen will opt to not want to stand out in a crowd. However, among celebrities and musicians, it is not uncommon to see people with all kinds of colored hair (especially in the visual kei scene, in case you haven’t noticed), and especially with bleached hair.

In a recent survey made by Goo Ranking, 500 men and women were tasked with choosing the best looking male celebrities who rocked the blonde look, and the top two spots were stolen by our favorite jrockers, Gackt at number one, and Hyde from L’arc~en~ciel and VAMPS at number two.

Look at that nakedness… I mean hair. Look at that blonde hair

Handsome Gackt in different shades of blonde

Two photos from the Vanilla era of Gackt when… Wait a second…

Hyde’s sported the blonde look on more than one occasion

Ikemen-mode, activated!

Yes, Hyde looks good in blonde even as a girl!

The other spots were taken by other well-known actors in Japan:

  1. Oguri Shun
  2. Mizushima Hiro
  3. Suda Masaki
  4. Shirota Yu
  5. Ayano go
  6. Miura Haruma
  7. Sakaguchi Kentaro
  8. Kubosuka Yosuke

Here’s a bonus, enjoy!

But seeing as how this is a jrock-centered site, how about you let us know what your top ten list of best looking blonde jrockers are? My personal favorite is blonde Kyo, who has been sporting and rocking the look for a couple of years now.

Look at Kyo being all confident and stuff. It’s definitely the blonde hair

Source: Goo Ranking
Via: SoraNews24

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