A new band has entered the visual kei scene! JROCK NEWS is proud to introduce Tensai (てんさい。), a four-piece band who are to make their live debut on August 3 along with the release of their first single Senpai no Kanojo (センパイの彼女). However, there are currently no places to preorder this single as of yet.

Tensai consists of vocalist Cult (カルト), guitarists Naoya (那央弥) and Hanabi (花火), and bassist Rinoa (りのあ). The group started off as a session band called Kumasan Dekigan, but it appears the members mean business now with their status as an official band.

The band’s YouTube channel has already uploaded the full music video of the title track for their first single, Senpai no Kanojo. The video focuses on a girl who spends time with the individual members of the band. Meanwhile, she develops obsessive behaviors, especially towards Cult. She catches him cheating, attacks him, and surprisingly, befriends the person whom he cheated on her with. It is shocking, but amusing, feel free to watch the video below!

As of now, Tensai does not have an official website, but they do have an official Twitter account that shows the looks for the band and the individual members, which you can also see below.

Tensai (てんさい。)

Vocalist Cult (カルト)

Guitarist Naoya (那央弥)

Guitarist Hanabi (花火)

Bassist Rinoa (りのあ)

What are your first impressions of this band? Let us know in the comments section!

More info:
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