THE SIXTH LIE will be performing for the first time ever outside Japan at this summer’s HYPER JAPAN Festival. This band which defines it’s genre as “Future Rock” mixes heavy instruments with electronics to create a huge dramatic sound fit for an apocalyptic sci-fi film. THE SIXTH LIE recently performed at KnotFest in Japan, an event created by the band Slipknot. Their second album, entitled Differential, was released in January this year and check out their latest video The Walls which came out yesterday.

The group’s towering ambition is reflected in their novel naming. Referencing Debussy’s quotation that art is the most beautiful of all lies, the band aims to create a lie so beautiful that it cannot be full experienced by the five senses. To this end, they combine an eclectic mix of genres ranging from danceable EDM to rock music with stunning live performances to create a truly memorable experience.” – Hyper Japan

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