As of recent, DIR EN GREY as a band hasn’t released anything of substance, aside from a single with one new song Utafumi (詩踏み) almost a year ago, and recently some fan club exclusive live DVDs of their From Depression to Mode of_ tours, in which they revisited their old albums and meshed their old songs with a few new ones. All the members of DIR EN GREY are currently involved in side projects themselves, Kyo with Sukekiyo, Die with Decays, Toshiya with his clothing company DIRT, and Kaoru who released an autobiography book sometime last year, and hosts his own radio show from time to time.

Now out of nowhere, drummer Shinya has released information about his own solo project named SERAPH, with a promotional image, and social media accounts. It is currently unknown what kind of musical project this will be, whether it’ll be a fresh new band, or a side project showcasing Shinya’s drumming skills, the promotional image suggests a very surreal and dreamlike feel. The songs written by SERAPH will also be featured in the upcoming movie Reigantantei-Karutetto! We’ll have to wait in order to find more information about this side project, hopefully everyone is anticipating it!

More Info:
Official Facebook
Official Twitter
Instagram (Shinya)

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