Unveil Raze who has been mostly active with live performances in Japan the past year, is finally delivering something metal fans overseas are able to digest! Their first debut album called Nine will join the band’s discography of currently four singles and an EP once the calendar hits March 15.

So far, the band has steadily unveiled audio material on YouTube with a preview rundown on all of the tracks that will come with Nine, and also a full listen to the fourth track Elegy of Mankind. This song shows a great blend of rock and progressive metal where guitarist FiVe’s specialties—which are guitar solos and riffs—shines throughout the song. Not to mention the excellently balanced mastering that screams metal! Have a listen yourself down below:



  1. Nine
  2. Trigger
  3. Red Jade
  4. Elegy of Mankind
  5. Till the Rain Ends
  6. Behind the Veil
  7. Heart On Fire
  8. Never Again
  9. Why Are You Here
  10. Afterglow

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More info:
Official Website
YouTube (FiVE’s personal channel)
Twitter (RYO)
Twitter (FiVE)
Twitter (TOKIYA)
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