Soan, best known as the drummer of the now disbanded Moran, has started a new project called Soan Project. At first glance, we thought it was just a session band, but it has grown into something serious. The project involves two vocalists, Akuta from Chanty and Temari from Amber Gris, plus other well-known musicians from the visual kei scene. It is something similar to Kisaki’s project, which featured Jui from Vidoll or Satsuki from Rentrer en Soi on vocals.

So far, they have two mini-albums in store. Both Akuta and Temari have been in charge of the lyrics in their respective collaborations while Soan composed all the music.

His first mini-album titled Doukoku wo Kodou to Shite Michi to suru Oto (静謐を制し征する音) has been on sale since January 18. It features Akuta (芥) from Chanty on vocals; Shun, former DuelJewel guitarist, and Ivy from Lack-co on bass.

The second mini-album has been out since February 1, carrying the title Seihitsu wo Seishi Seisuru Mono (静謐を制し征する音). For this recording, Soan counts with vocalist Temari (手鞠) from the now disbanded Amber Gris, Taizo from Kra on guitar, Yuuya (祐弥) from DuelJewel on chorus, and Sachi from Kokusyoku Sumire (黒色すみれ) on violin.

Previews of Doukoku wo Kodou to Shite Michi to suru Oto (静謐を制し征する音) from Soan project with Akuta:


Previews of Seihitsu wo Seishi Seisuru Mono (静謐を制し征する音) from Soan project with Temari:


Dokoku wo Kodo toshite Michi to suru Oto


  1. Futashikana Hakoniwa (不確かな箱庭)
  2. Hedatsu Kyokou Tsumugu Shinjitsu to Doukei (隔つ虚構紡ぐ真実と憧憬)
  3. Toukamaku (透過幕)
  4. arrive
  5. hysteria show time

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Seihitsu wo Seishi Seisuru Mono


  1. Yuuyami ni Meidou suru Shoudou to Koufuku no Arika (夕闇に鳴動する衝動と幸福の在処)
  2. Sore wa Noroi to Dougigo no Tamashii no Kusari Eien ni Tsuzuku Shukufuku to iu na no Karma (それは呪いと同義語の魂の鎖 永遠に続く祝福と云う名のカルマ)
  3. Touei sareta Arishi Hi no Shouzou to iu na no Bourei (投影された在りし日の肖像と云う名の亡霊)
  4. Kanjou wo Baikai to Shite Gushoukasuru Kanshou no Iku Ate (感情を媒介として具象化する感傷の逝く宛)
  5. Soshite Kimi wa Kibou no Hikari no naka ni Kieta (そして君は希望の光の中に消えた)

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