Jiluka will release their second live-limited DVD titled The Chronostasis -Live abstraction from 160923- starting at Ebisu Club Aim on January 15.

The DVD will contain about forty-five minutes of recording from their second one-man live performed at Ikebukuro EDGE on September 23, 2016.

Their first live-limited DVD, THE CHAOTIC ZION – Live abstraction from 160521- is now available at the band’s webshop, so we can only hope that this new release will also be available there sometime soon.

The Chronostasis -Live abstraction from 160923-

Live-limited edition


  1. -opening-
  2. ZONE
  3. Prisoners
  4. -drums solo-
  5. Lethal Affliction
  6. Lluvia
  7. Crossing Fate
  8. -ending-

Buy at live venues starting on January 15 at Ebisu Club Aim

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