The members of Grieva are posing in exquisite suits in order to promote the release of their ninth single titled Sonzai Shoumei (存在証明). The single will be out on February 22 in a unique edition including four new tracks.

Just a week after the release date the band will go on The Mission of the Existence proof one-man tour, having the tour final at TSUTAYA O-WEST on April 1. The tour will start on March 1 at Niigata CLUB RIVERST. Take a look at the rest of the dates and venues in the flyer below:

Grieva’s upcoming one-man tour flyer.

And here are the members of Grieva in their individual looks:

Vocalist Kyouki (狂鬼)

Guitarist Roku (碌)

Guitarist Haru (陽)

Bassist Hisame (緋雨)

Drummer Yuugo (優冴)

Sonzai Shoumei (存在証明)

Regular edition


  1. Shitsumei (失明)
  2. Existence proof
  3. Happy birthday NEW Mother fuxxer.
  4. Stupid trash

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More info:
Official Website
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