Formed in 2013, Zin (ジン) started off as a band with five members. They released nine singles and a mini album until July of this year, when ex-vocalist Riku departed due to depression and guitarist Luy took over his role as they moved on as a four-piece band. Their tenth single Honoo no Tomoshibi (焔ノトモシビ) with Luy on vocals, which got released in September, was well received and the band seemed to be carrying on just fine.

But unfortunately, Zin decided to disband after all. Although the official statement posted by their indie label NS Records Inc. doesn’t explain the reason behind it, the member’s individual blog posts make more clear. They all tried their best to continue without ex-vocalist Riku, but they’ve been struggling with it from the start as they kept receiving questions about moving on without him. Luy wrote that leaving his guitar to grab the microphone changed Zin’s environment and that there were many doubts, because Zin is actually a five member band to them. The band appologizes for the sudden announcement but as they’re all four still motivated and full of energy to make new music, they decided to start a new walk instead… So they announced good news along with the sad news: Luy, Yoshi, Orochi and Saku will form a new band!

The band name and any further details will be revealed on New Year’s Day. NS Records Inc. even launched a mysterious online countdown. Interesting to know is that Luy also stated that he has no idea about returning to being a guitarist again and that he will continue as a vocalist.

Do you expect their new band to have a similar sound to Zin? Or do you think they will take a new direction with their music? We’ll make sure to keep an eye on these guys to find that out!

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