A few months ago, BAND-MAID guested on a music show titled Music Gold Rush, a music talk show that airs in Japan. The official Youtube channel for the show uploaded the entire episode, but unfortunately, it had no English subtitles. However, thanks to a fan on Youtube, the entire show has been subtitled for overseas fans to enjoy!

The interview is a pretty straight forward talk-show type format, and we get to know some basic information on the band we might not have know, like how the band came to be formed, who formed the band, who decided they were all going to wear maid outfits, and fun facts about every member’s personality, like Miku and Kanami who are quite quirky, or Saiki and Misa who are both very aloof, or drummer Akane who is the “normal” one of the group.

On fun fact that stood out the most to me is the fact that Kanami has quite the girl crush on Saiki, even going so far as having her as her screensaver on her phone:


It’s okay Kanami, we don’t judge. We like Saiki too.

More information on the band is something most fans already know — bassist Misa loves to drink. She loves it so much she even carries her own hip flask that she uses to drink during concerts. Is this the secret behind her being such a good bassist, perhaps?


Probably one of the more rare charm points in a girl; but charming nonetheless.

I won’t spoil too much. Instead, give the interview a look for yourself, you wont be disappointed! The videos are split into two parts, found below:

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