The very young and promising band, Tsudukimashite (ツヅキマシテ), has announced the unfortunate news of their impending breakup. The band didn’t reveal the reason behind their dissolution, but they did leave a brief message on their website, thanking everyone for their support, and information regarding their last performance. On October 10, the band will hold their final one-man live at Shinjuku RUIDO K4. Ticket presales will begin on August 15 and general ticket sales begin on August 28. October 10 won’t be your only opportunity to see them on stage, as they have a few lives scheduled on their website between now and then. Try to work your plans around theirs if you wish to see them before they disband.

Tsudukimashite (ツヅキマシテ) was originally named Panya-san (パン屋さん) before becoming a formal band last year on June 8, during which drummer KEIGO joined the band. There’s been no change to the lineup since the start of their formal activities. They have released seven singles in total, including two of which were limited to ZEAL LINK, three venue-limited singles and their two nationwide singles, Waruguchi. (わるぐち。) and  Ame, Tokyo (雨、東京。).

Final one-man live “Tsudukimashite.”

Date: October 10, 2016 (Mon)
Venue: Shinjuku RUIDO K4
Time: Open 18:00 / start 18:30
Tickets: 3000 yen In advance / 3500 yen day of
Buy at eplus

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Yakumo (八雲))
Twitter (Yuuki (侑喜))
Twitter (Yazawa Motohal (矢沢もとはる))
Twitter (KEIGO)

Source: Tsudukimashite’s Official Website

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