R-Shitei (R指定) have announced three performances at Tokyo Kinema Club starting from October 24-26 titled “Goodbye R-Shitei, Date of Death: 8”. Each night the show will have a particular theme; first being “vigil”, “funeral” then “farewell party”.

Before fans start panicking from the alarm bells of disbandment, we believe they are simply saying goodbye to their old band. The number 8 in the show title is the number of years they have been around for, and judging from how they have not made any announcements we typically relate to the breakup of a band, we believe these guys are driving towards an alternative music and style direction.

We understand musicians are often using death as a topic when writing music, but R-Shitei have taken a step further and styled their members as Japanese funeral photos. Some cultures believe this is a little taboo and goes against superstition, so let us know what it is like in your country too.

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