Sad news were recently announced coming from the young band MALISEND, informing about their disbandment. There is no apparent reason from the members about this decision. Their last live will take place at Ikebukuro Blackhole on October 2.

MALISEND was formed last year on April and started formal activities in September. Their discography consists of one mini-album, one single and three live-distributed singles. However they are not over yet as there’s another live-distributed single titled Owari no Kuro (終わりの黒) on the way. It will be released on August 28 at their live at Ikebukuro Blackhole. No other release has been announced as of yet so this could very well be MALISEND’s final release.

Watch the music video for MALISEND’s debut single Lobelia (ロベリア) below, in case you haven’t yet:

Kuro no Gi (黒の儀)
Ikebukuro BlackHole, August 28
Open/start: 16:00/16:30
Price (in advance/at the door) 3,300 yen/3,800 yen

Purchase your tickets at e-plus.

Owari no Kuro (終わりの黒)


Regular edition 1500 yen


  1. Delusion
  2. Sou (葬)
  3. Mahiru no Tsuki (真昼の月)

Buy at Ikebukuro Blackhole

More info:
Official Website

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