Good news for fans of THE BLACK SWAN! You’ll be happy to know they have a new single planned to be released later this year! The announcement came at the end of their second anniversary one-man live tonight (June 3) at TSUTAYA O-West. The title of their fourth single is PERSONA, and it will be released on October 19. That’s a long way out, but we’re not complaining! We’ll have to wait for additional details to come, though, so please stay with us for more updates.

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Itsuki (樹))
Twitter (Makoto (誠))
Twitter (RENA)
Twitter (Len (煉))
Blog (JIN (儿))
Blog (Itsuki)
Blog (Makoto)
Blog (Rena)
Blog (Len (煉))
Vine (Itsuki (樹))
Vine (RENA)
Vine (Len (煉))

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