We all know the unique and fantastic sound Wagakki Band has going on, and it seems it was fantastic enough to create attention in the U.S.! As such, they will be embarking on their first American tour this upcoming July! At least they call it an American tour, but the fact is, it is only three dates, and they are all in California (you lucky ducks). Still, this is without a doubt a huge step up for the band, who I am sure dreamed about this for a long time.

The first live will be held in Los Angeles at Club Bahia on July 12, afterwards they will perform in San Diego at House of Blues on July 14, and finally, they will perform at The Fillmore in San Francisco on July 16. The band’s official website states that more “details” will be revealed soon, but it is unknown if this means more dates, or just minor details concerning the already decided three dates they have set. We can only hope it means more dates, because I am sure many people in other states also want to go and see them!

wagakki band tour poster

Promotional poster for Wagakki Band’s American tour

More info:
Official Website

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