If you’ve been contemplating how to continue your life since BORN announced their disbandment, then perhaps this is your answer. Guitarist K, who played for BORN, has announced his solo debut, where he will not only be playing his trusty guitar, but taking the role as vocalist as well! His first one-man live has already been decided, and it will take place at Shinjuku ReNY on August 19, in a live titled RETURN OF THE KINGDOM.

Meanwhile, K has announced his first single, although it is unfortunately live-limited. However, we have been given a two minute teaser of K singing to what can only be one of his new songs, as well as a sneak-peak at the behind the scenes of his photo-shoot session. The song itself sounds quite similar to the music BORN used to do, perhaps as a safety measure for people to like his music. Surely, if all goes well, his music will evolve with time, giving his own unique touch to the music he creates. Rebirth, his debut single, is expected to go on sale on the day of his first live.



Live-limited 2000 yen


  1. Rebirth
  2. Lily
  3. Screaming for~
  4. 「affect」

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