BORN surprised everyone today with their sudden announcement to disband. While everyone in the band managed to reach a consensus with the disbandment, it seems the reason behind this decision was vocalist Ryoga’s low motivation. Because he felt it wasn’t right to continue the band while having no motivation and desire to continue, he gathered everyone and expressed his desire to disband BORN.

Furthermore, guitarist Ray also stated that before the disbandment, he had already decided that BORN would be his last band. As such, after BORN’s last live on May 26, he will retire from the music industry.

If this serves as consolation to any fans, the band does have one last single planned. SUICIDAL MARKET ~Daze of Hope~ is set to release on February 10. After this single, the only thing left will be their remaining lives, with the last live being held at Zepp DiverCity on May 26, as previously mentioned. This live will also double as BORN’s eighth anniversary live.

Hopefully, we’ll see Ryoga, K, and Tomo back in the scene soon!

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