The contemporary image of 90’s visual kei, the band Grieva (グリーヴァ), announced their third studio album Konton no Hako (混沌ノ匣) to be released on May 11! Take a look at the video preview below. Do you feel the VHS vibes?

This time Grieva offers a full length album with sixteen new tracks! The album is ready for pre-order in a unique edition that includes a DVD featuring two music videos, for tracks Gen’ei Syndrome (幻影 Syndrome) and Kibou to yoru (希望ト夜) from the forthcoming album. Tracklist and cover artwork can be seen below along the band’s new artist photos!

This will be the first album to feature Yuugo (優冴) on drums. However this is not the first time we see Grieva’s new line-up. Since the new drummer joined, the band expanded their discography releasing three singles and a seven-track mini-album in a very special year, as they also celebrated their third anniversary.

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grieva konton no hako new look

Grieva’s new look for the upcoming album!

grieva konton no hako kyouki

Vocalist Kyouki (狂鬼)

grieva konton no hako roku

Guitarist Roku (碌)

grieva konton no hako haru

Guitarist Haru (陽)

grieva konton no hako hisame

Bassist Hisame (緋雨)

grieva konton no hako yuugo

Drummer Yuugo (優冴)

grieva pre-konton no hako

Promotional look to announce the new release.

grieva konton no hako cover

Konton no Hako (混沌ノ匣)

Regular edition 3300 – 3564 yen


  1. Type[Requiem](SE)
  2. Jintai jikken -kimi ga-kyō u made no 7 kakan- (人体実験〜君ガ狂ウ迄ノ7日間〜)
  3. Kibou no Yoru (希望ト夜 )
  4. Genei Syndrome (幻影Syndrome)
  5. MAD[ism] Night party
  6. Ketsueki Jelly (血液ゼリィ)
  8. Shounen A (少年A)
  9. in the Blue
  10. -273.15℃
  11. Jisatsu Circle (自殺サークル)
  12. ironic sky
  13. Doukeshi no Uta (道化師ノ唄)
  14. Genocide GAME
  15. Suichuu Shizumu Toumei na Hako (水中沈む透明な匣)
  16. Requiem -another birthday- (鎮魂歌-another birthday-)


  1. Genei Syndrome (幻影Syndrome)
  2. Kibou no Yoru (希望ト夜 )

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