It’s been a little more than a month now since X Japan’s guitarist Pata was admitted to the hospital for diverticulitis and portal vein thrombosis, and fortunately his health seems to be getting better day by day. What has fans worried now, was his recent comment on their postponed Wembley show, which will now take place on March 4, 2017.

On a recent interview with barks, Yoshiki revealed that during one of his visits to Pata’s hospital room, Pata stated the following words: “I will die in Wembley“.

While this may sound like a very “rockstar” and cool thing to say, for X Japan fans and members it’s not something to look at with admiration, since as pretty much any jrock fan knows, X Japan has already lost Hide to death, back in 1998. Yoshiki even referred to Hide’s death as he explained his feelings about Pata’s comment:

The moment I heard him say ‘I will die at Wembley’, I knew I would have to take all the responsibility and there was no choice but to change the schedule. I just… don’t want to lose any more members.”

Certainly, Pata’s dedication and desire to play is admirable, but first and foremost, fans just want him to get better first. He has been doing better these past few days, which is good news. Hopefully he will soon achieve a full recovery, allowing him to give his all at next year’s Wembley show without any problems.

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