New releases are coming out from the visual kei band Nightmare! A new single titled Awakening and another compilation album titled best tracks 2000-2005[clowns], will be released, both starting sales on March 23. Check out both releases in the generous video preview below!

Awakening will be available in three types. Editions A and B will both include a CD with two new songs and a DVD with video footage. The first will contain the music video for the title track, while in the latter we will see scenes of Nightmare’s live Touhoku e ai wo komete held at Sendai Macana on August 28, 2015, which was the band’s 15th anniversary live. Edition C will not include any video footage, but a third track instead, which is surprisingly titled VISUAL-KEI IS NOT DEAD, CUZ THEY’RE UNDEAD.

The compilation album best tracks 2011-2015[clowns] will be available in a unique edition containing 25 remastered tracks from their first five years of formation split in two CD’s. The first disc also includes newly recorded versions of dogma. Nadirecur, Wasurenagusa (わすれな草), love tripper, and Backstreet Children.

As you probably know, Nightmare celebrated their 15th anniversary last year, starting with the release of CARPE DIEM. And they sure got the meaning of that words, as not only the album was released but also the single Rakuen (落園) and the DVD CARPE DIEMeme TOUR FINAL were also released on late 2015. The year was not even over when they also announced their best of albums “best tracks 2011-2015[be?st]” and “best tracks 2006-2010 [vapor]”. As you can see this was a very complete year for Nightmare. Let’s cheer for another 15 years!

Lastly but not less important, here’s Nightmare’s new artist photos:

nightmare awakening new look

Nightmare’s new look for “Awakening”

nightmare awakening yomi

Vocalist YOMI

nightmare awakening hitsugi

Guitarist Hitsugi (柩)

nightmare awakening sakito

Guitarist Sakito (咲人)

nightmare awakening ni-ya

Bassist Ni-Ya

nightmare awakening ruka

Drummer RUKA

nightmare awakening a


Edition A 1800 yen – 1944 yen


  1. Awakening
  2. Twelve


  1. Awakening music video

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nightmare awakening b


Edition B 1800 – 1944 yen


  1. Awakening
  2. Twelve


  1. Live scenes of NIGHTMARE 15th Anniversary Tour “Touhoku e ai wo komete” at Sendai Macana held on August 28, 2015

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nightmare awakening c


Edition C 1200 – 1296 yen


  1. Awakening
  2. Twelve

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nightmare clowns

best tracks 2000-2005 [clowns]

Regular edition 3600 – 3888 yen

CD 1

  1. Jishou (自傷)
  2. GIANIZM 2 ~Shougai minagoroshi~ (ジャイアニズム痛?生涯皆殺し?)
  3. GIANIZM 3 (ジャイアニズム惨)
  4. Fly me to the Zenith
  5. dogma (Re-recorded)
  6. Nadirecur (Re-recorded)
  7. Wasurenagusa (わすれな草) (Re-recorded)
  8. love tripper (Re-recorded)
  9. Backstreet Children (バックストリートチルドレン) (Re-recorded)
  10. Star[K]night

CD 2

  1. Believe
  2. Akane (茜)
  3. HATE
  4. Over
  5. Varuna
  6. Tokyo Shounen (東京傷年)
  7. Cyan(シアン)
  8. Jibun no Hana (時分ノ花)
  9. Raven Loud Speeeaker
  10. livEVIL
  11. Kyokutou Ranshin Tengoku (極東乱心天国)
  12. Sekishoku (赤触)
  13. Dasei Boogie (惰性ブギー)
  14. Nazuki (ナヅキ)
  15. Jashin to Bara (邪神ト薔薇)

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