NIGHTMARE / 「落園」Music Clip

Freshly uploaded on AVEX official YouTube, NIGHTMARE presents their full-length music video Rakuen (落園). This is two weeks ahead of it’s release scheduled for October 28.

As mentioned in our previous post, this track was written by their drummer RUKA.

I must admit this music video piqued my interests, and although simple in terms of the cinematography, it seems they have something really personal to say. Not to say every other music video that I’ve recently seen is not genuine in their message, but this particular video expressed very raw and honest feelings.

Shots can be seen of Yomi in an empty hospital environment, and standing alone in an empty concert hall with no band or audience. On the other hand, there are also shots of the band playing with full force. I can’t help but feel there is a sense of loneliness and a deeper meaning behind the Rakuen video.

NIGHTMARE Rakuten NIGHTMARE RakutenNIGHTMARE Rakuten NIGHTMARE Rakuten NIGHTMARE Rakuten NIGHTMARE RakutenSnippets of the members happily joking behind the scenes at 3:17-3:18 and 3:21, in reminiscence of the past was also featured. This is not surprising seeing as their 15th anniversary happened recently.

Some eagle-eyed fans have also noticed that Sakito is using his old ESP -FOREST-GT- guitar model as well.

NIGHTMARE Rakuten NIGHTMARE Rakuten NIGHTMARE RakutenI’ve noticed that YOMI’s voice does indeed sound a little different than usual. Feeling nostalgic at all? :) What did you think about this new music video? Leave a comment below.

More info:
Official Website
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