Today, we have good news for those who were fans of the defunct band, BIOSPHIA! Vocalist Naru has gathered former members of other short lived bands like Xepher and QuaLia to form DIEALO! The band held its first live back in January, and has now announced its first single! This single will be titled DECISION, and goes on sale on April 6, so it’s not too far off! As mentioned previously, the band consists of members from BIOSPHIA, Xepher and Qualia, so I’m sure you guys are wanting to know just who exactly these members are, so check out the line-up below!

  • Vocals: Naru
    • Previously in Lovin’, Lycee, VULGAR, VELGREED, BIOSPHIA
  • Guitar: Aki
    • Previously in mondole, forte
  • Guitar: Jun
    • Previously in DiaboluS
  • Bass: Nari
    • Previoulsy in SiL*FieD, QuaLia
  • Drums: Haku
    • Previously in ZEAK, Xepher

Pretty impressive line-up, huh? The band also released a digest video for their debut single. Check it out, I’m sure you guys are going to feel excited listening to Naru’s screams again.

Finally, here are the members’ individual photos:

diealo naru

Vocalist Naru

diealo aki

Guitarist Aki

diealo nari

Bassist Nari

diealo jun

Guitarist Jun

diealo haku

Drummer Haku

With this, two members of BIOSPHIA have marked their return to the scene. Last year, ex-BIOSPHIA’s bassist Yuki formed Archemi., who happens to be signed under the same label as DIEALO, CROWMUSIC Records.

Are you excited for this band? This is definitely a band to keep your eye on, so keep checking back for updates on them!



Regular edition 1620 yen


  2. begin a party
  3. kawaki (渇き)

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