If you haven’t already heard, DIO – Distraught Overlord are back! DIO announced their 10th Anniversary Tour with full original member line-up back in December—this was a much welcomed surprise to DIO as it was to all their fans. Excitement runs higher as the tour grows closer with just over a month to go before they kick-off the tour in Helsinki, Finland, on April 7.

DIO Distraught Overlord - Video Message B7KLAN

It has been six years since DIO’s last live, back in 2010, in which they announced they would disband following the completion of the show. Since forming in 2006 the self-proclaimed vampires had taken the position in being one of the “darkest” bands in the visual kei scene, unfortunately, in 2010 the members felt that they couldn’t take DIO any further and decided upon disbandment.

However, fast-forward to 2016 and DIO members join once again to bring us a European tour, which includes a hand-full of European dates in Finland, France, UK, Germany, and Poland, with a grand final show in Japan at Takadanobaba AREA, Tokyo—the same place they held their last live. Alongside DIO, all-female Japanese rock’n’roll band, Dirtrucks, will be touring in celebration of their tour organizers, B7Klan, who have been bringing tours from Japanese artists to Europe for the past ten years. Although DIO have no current plans for after the tour, they do hope that this tour will lead them on a new road. May the Lord’s Prayer help them with ruling all “darkness” once again.

Since DIO’s disbandment back in 2010, vocalist Mikaru has established his solo project G.L.A.M.S, a project he regards as a company, which infuses his creations of music, painting and jewellery. Mikaru presents his creations through art exhibitions and delivering performances of his music, with his recently completed ten-date European tour, GLAMNIGHT, in 2015. For those extra dedicated fans, you can even become an owner of G.L.A.M.S creations that can be purchased through the official G.L.A.M.S website. 
Mikaru will also be performing an exclusive G.L.A.M.S solo show in Montreux, Switzerland on March 27 at POLYMANGA, prior to the DIO European tour.

Distraught Overlord 10th Anniversary Tour 2016 Promotional Flyer

Promotional flyer for DIO’s 10th Anniversary Tour 2016

DIO – Distraught Overlord – 10th Anniversary European Tour 2016:

April 07 – Helsinki, Finland @ Nosturi
April 09 – Paris, France @ Divan du Monde
April 10 – London, UK @ the Underworld
April 12 – Cologne, Germany @ MTC
April 13 – Hamburg, Germany @ Headcrash
April 14 – Wroclaw, Poland @ Firlej
April 16 – Colmar, France @ le Grillen
April 17 – Munich, Germany @ Feierwerk

Ticket purchases can be made via B7Klan’s official website.

More info:
Special website (G.L.A.M.S)
Facebook (Mikaru)
Twitter (Mikaru)
Blog (Mikaru)

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