A band completing a decade of success is surely something to celebrate. And SCREW are celebrating just that, so they will commemorate this ten years with a best of album, titled BRILLIANT!

Several issues hit the band throughout these years, including not one but two bassists departing. The first of them almost caused their disbandment, but the members of SCREW were able to keep going and reach the second number in their biography!

The release date of BRILLIANT is yet to be set, though the band has revealed that the album will be out this spring! Meanwhile, the dates and venues for the band’s 10th anniversary tour are now available. Take a look below:

10th Anniversary TOUR “NEVERENDING BREATH” -time goes by so Brilliant-
2016/4/1 Shibuya REX
2016/4/2 Sendai MACANA
2016/4/5 Sapporo COLONY
2016/4/6 Sapporo COLONY
2016/4/9 Nagoya ell. FITS ALL
2016/4/12 Kumamoto DRUM Be-9 V2
2016/4/13 Fukuoka DRUM SON
2016/4/16 Yonago laughs
2016/4/17 ESAKA MUSE

2016/4/23 TSUTAYA O-EAST

More info:
Official Website

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