During Versailles’ revival live today during Kamijo’s World Tour final stream, the Philharmonic Quintet announced their formal comeback, announcing two lives and a new release! Fans have done their share of waiting, three years to be exact, so they should be ecstatic to hear this news!

While the date for Versailles’ new release is only summer 2016 still, and no other information given, we do have the dates and venues for the band’s upcoming lives. In order to see them on stage again, we’ll have to do a bit more waiting, as the lives are slated for June and August. On June 25, the band will hold their 9th anniversary live at Zepp DiverCity, and the “revival” live will be held on August 7 at Maihama Amphitheater.

I know I have been waiting for this moment since the day Versailles went on hiatus, and this announcement makes me super happy and excited! Do we have any Versailles fans here on the page? Show yourselves, and lets celebrate their return together!

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (KAMIJO)
Twitter (TERU)
Twitter (HIZAKI)
Warner Music YouTube

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