Today at LOKA’s limited final one-man live, at Shibuya Plug, a new member was introduced to the world. We welcome LOKA’s new bassist MIRO, who is now an official member of the band! Taking over the position of Katsumi, who departed back in September. LOKA’s new member can be seen to the far left, in the latest group photo.

MIRO has actually been acting as a support bassist even before he officially joined in, getting to know guitarist SIN of LOKA led to him to the position of today.

You may not be familiar with MIRO, but he is no new face in the music industry. MIRO traveled the world as a street musician during 2006, but later formed the band Dr.UNDY after coming back to Japan, a band which he is still active in. They successfully held their first show in January, 2012 and MIRO also hosted his first solo performance at Shibuya RUIDO K2 that completely sold out, in December 2013. He participated in many sessions and recordings in the past, working with musicians such as the legendary ISAO, Hideki Aoyama (drummer of BABYMETAL), Shuntaro Kado and more.

The new member of LOKA, bassist MIRO.

The new member of LOKA, bassist MIRO.

Promotion image for LOKA's limited event.

Promotion image for LOKA’s limited event.

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