It’s not always doom and gloom when bands announce their disbanding in the visual kei scene. Often times it means we get to see some of our favorite musicians branch out to form something new: Such is the case with the band we’re introducing today.

ELYSION (エリシオン) is a new unit that formed sometime around the end of October 2015, and have an interesting concept: Life after death. They seem to be off to a bright and fresh start. On December 16 (that’s today in Japan), they’ll play their first live, Garden of the GODS, at Shibuya REX, which is presented by none other than their label, VR LABEL. And they have several more lives planned throughout December and March, including their opening performance for MeteoroiD’s free one-man tour on January 21.

If the preview has you itching to hear more from their debut single, Shuen no Campanella (終焉のカンパネラ), you’ll have to wait until February 32016. As it doesn’t seem that it will be available during any of their upcoming lives. It seems like a long time out, but let’s have a look at the members, their positions and the tracklists while we wait!



Vocalist BIDOH (美堂)

Vocalist BIDOH (美堂). Former member of ExyA, JESSICA and Minerva.

Guitarist LIRA (莉蘭)

Guitarist LIRA (莉蘭). Former member of LunatyCieA~ルナティシア~, ROMANESQUE A LIVE, Re:Vellion, and Minerva.

Bassist MISOGI (禊)

Bassist MISOGI (禊). Former member of JESSICA and Minerva.

Drummer CRIM (空里夢)

Drummer CRIM (空里夢). Former member of Snufkin (スナフキン).


Shuen no Campanella (終焉のカンパネラ)

Edition A 1000 – 1080 yen


  1. Shuen no Campanella (終焉のカンパネラ)
  2. Persephone (ペルセポネ)

Buy at CDJapan or HMV


Shuen no Campanella (終焉のカンパネラ)

Edition B 1000 – 1080 yen


  1. Shuen no Campanella (終焉のカンパネラ)
  2. Cry for the Moon

Buy at CDJapan or HMV

More info:
Official Website

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