MUCC‘s Yukke posted the photo above. He was bombarded with fruits in water, but he seemed rather pleased.

Earlier this morning, we noticed kagari from Avanchick had posted a photo of him in a bath holding two “oranges” with a bottle of green-tea in the background. He exclaims “yuzu bath!” and talks about the winter solice. Shuu from Girugamesh also joins in with a modest total of two yuzus. For a foreigner, this is a fairly strange thing to eat in a bathtub. Except these are not for eating. Take a look at the twitter photos below.

Half a dozen tweets of more floating yuzu in bath water, we noticed there was a trend in Jrockers talking about this which got us interested in this seemingly normal ritual. After some research, we have found that during the winter solstice in Japan, many public hot baths and springs would place yuzu fruits in the hot water to add a citrus aroma to the water. The Japanese consider this good luck and it is believed that bathing in this yuzu during the winter solstice will ward off illness in the new year.

Bonus capybara in yuzu bath!

Would you like to try a yuzu bath? It’s not always easy to find fresh yuzu, especially outside of Asia, so you can try to purchase bottled yuzu juice online, or attempt to grow your own yuzu tree.

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