The day all ADAMS fans have been waiting for is just around the corner! On November 26, the self-proclaimed “Neo Sexual” duo will release their first best-of-album, Original Love, in advance during their corresponding tour which kicks off in Hong Kong on November 22. We briefly spoke of the tour which includes their American debut that, at the time, had two dates in the schedule, but now it’s up to three lives with the possibility of more! Tickets are now on sale; you can find more details and purchase links at their website.

The two-disc release will include past singles and songs from ADAMS (since 2012) as well as new exclusive tracks and several remixes. These are produced by Japanese DJs and composers in Japan in collaboration with Shota Yokoyama. KALM (Kôji Yamada) (ex. VELVET EDEN) whose past works also include song composition for Kaya, Seileen (Selia + DJ Sisen), and Art Cube, will be featured on ADAMS’ new opus.

Also participating is the young techno DJ Hiroyuki Arakawa, who also acts as owner of his personal label Spectra and spins with some of the biggest names in the scene, including Ken Ishii! You can listen to his hot remix of ADAMS’ first single, Dizzy Love (it’s so good!), below as you check out the tour dates, the album tracklist, and their current look!

ADAMS: Original Love Tour 2015

November 22: Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Focal Fair
November 26: Roubaix (France), Bar Live
November 27: Dijon (France), Tokyo Games Center
November 28: Warsaw (Poland), MOKON
November 29: Lyon (France), Japan Touch
December 03: Amstelveen (Netherlands), P60
December 04: Berlin (Germany), Cortina BOB
December 05: Cologne (Germany), Werkstatt
December 06: Brussels (Belgium), Rock Classic (Fanclub&Friends)
December 11: Prague (Czech Republic), Chapeau Rouge
December 12: Budapest (Hungary), Kék Yuk
December 13: Helsinki (Finland), Gloria
December 30: New York City (NY), USA
January 01: Concord (NC), Ichibancon
January 02: Knoxville (TN) USA

Purchase tickets through ADAMS’ official website.

ADAMS Original Love Jacket

Original Love

Price to be announced

Disc one

  1. Dizzy Love 〜君に夢中〜
  2. Kissin’ in the Dark
  3. Sweet Dreams
  5. Kimi no Sei (キミノセイ)
  6. Bittersweet
  7. White Caress
  8. Seseragi (せせらぎ)
  10. Akisame (秋雨)
  11. LOVE ME
  12. HERO
  13. blind
  14. Fly through the sky

Disc two

  2. It’s alright
  3. Bittersweet (HORA remix)
  4. Seseragi (KALM remix)
  5. Dizzy Love (Hiroyuki Arakawa Remix)
  6. BOKU NO SEI (Original Love English Version)

Buy at ADAMS’ Official Website

Vocalist Adam

Vocalist ADAM

Backing vocals & Guitarist Shota

Guitarist Shota

More info:
Official Website
Facebook (ADAM)
Facebook (Shota)
Twitter (ADAM)
Twitter (Shota)
Tumblr (Shota)
Blog (Shota)

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