A new unit iNSOMNiA has formed consisting of former roadies from two of visual kei’s biggest bands. Despite just forming, they’re ready to start activities with an announcement on their first release and sponsored live.

Every touring band needs a few roadies. By helping set up the band’s equipment, managing their merchandise table, picking up dropped microphone stands and being a general helper to the band’s live experience, a roadie’s job is important. They also get to watch the band perform and more often than not, they’re also musicians as well. In fact, many roadies form bands after apprenticing for currently active units. For instance, Girugamesh’s bassist Shuu was a roadie for Kagerou, D’s bassist Tsunehito was a roadie for baroque, and even DIR EN GREY’s bassist Toshiya was a roadie for PIERROT. So it’s not surprising to find roadies forming their own bands, just like iNSOMNiA.

Let’s take a look at this new band and their history.

Vocalist Ameno

Vocals – Ameno (アメノ) [ex. SuG roadie]

Guitar – Yua (結愛)

Guitar – Yua (結愛)

Guitarist Aoya

Guitar – Aoya (蒼夜) [ex. NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST roadie]

Bass – Rai (ライ) [ex. NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST roadie]

Bass – Rai (ライ) [ex. NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST roadie]

Besides announcing their formation, iNSOMNiA also has released news regarding their first sponsored live and their very first release. Taking the stage as a new unit, the band’s first live will be at Ikebukuro Black Hole at SALIVAN’s memorial live to commemorate their first single on October 5. This event will also mark the date of their first release: a self-titled live-limited EP. The EP will feature three songs and the band has kindly posted a preview on their YouTube channel.

From the preview, it’s easy to hear NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST’s influence on their sound. From the drums’ blast beats to the high-pitch squeals, their heavy metal/core sound will fit in to the scene nicely. Add in the synth, melodic crooning, and swooping bass, and you get a cohesive package that is bound to please Nokubura fans and SuG fans alike.

But that’s not all! On November 24, they will headline for the very first time at their Memorial live Here Comes From Catastrophe at Shibuya REX OPEN. A limited amount of tickets can be reserved in advance at the venue starting on October 10 for 3,000 yen or you can reserve tickets online via this link.



Live-limited 1000 yen


  1. Toga (咎)

After sampling their sound, will iNSOMNiA be a band you’ll keep your eyes on? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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