m:a.ture is back with a new upcoming album Trifolium after first announcing it back in August! If it wasn’t obvious enough, we will of course hear a lot of incorporation of the acoustic guitar in the new album —just like any other of their previous releases. Take a listen yourself in the new album preview!

If the face of the front man looks familiar, that’s because Shin Oumura, or also known as Machiya, is taking part as the Guitarist of the traditional and modern fusion band: Wagakki Band! It seems like Shin Oumura has been working hard lately, as Wagakki Band actually just released their first original album Yasou Emaki this month, where Shin Oumura played the key role as the main composer.

m:a.ture’s fourth album Trifolium will hit stores next month, on October 7.

mature trifolium


2315 yen


  1. Squall
  2. カタルシス
  3. 希望、一縷。
  4. Around
  5. 種の起源
  6. may
  7. Melancholy
  8. 斜陽
  9. スローモーション
  10. god bless you

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