The latest music video Hialism from A crow is white was recently revealed through SPACE SHOWERS MUSIC, delivering a unique and charming sound!

It’s not every day that we see funky pop bands combine “kawaii” (as the band call it) into their style, and frankly I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t have more of these, as it simply sounds lovely!

Though this is a new discovery for me it probably isn’t for some of you. Their first EP actually dates back to 2010, which is when the band debuted with its demo material Hato Poppo (はとぽっぽ). What you however will find in the next upcoming month, on September 2 is their new mini-album Hialism, sharing the same title as the lead track.

A crow is white consist of—from left to right—Taihei on drums, Kouhei Shimizu on guitar, Kana Yaginuma on vocals and guitar and lastly bassist Yoshiyama.

A Crow is white (Karasu ha Masshiro) Band

A Crow is white (Karasu ha Masshiro)



  1. ヒズムリアリズム
  2. night museum
  3. The xxx
  5. せいじゃくのこうしん
  6. フミンショータイム
  7. ニュークリアライザー

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More info:
Official Website
Hialism Special Site

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