Dead Children  released a new music video for the song Black Lily and we can see a new member in their line-up!

The band recently announced their new drummer, eight (栄翔). He originally joined the band in July as a support drummer when their previous support ceased to act for them to further join the new band SHIVA —formed by Crimson Shiva’s former members.

And here is Dead Children’s new line-up in the new look:

Dead Children minami1

Vocalist Minami (ミナミ)

Dead Children cain1

Guitarist Cain

Dead Childrenmast1

Guitarist MAST

Dead Children ray1

Bassist Ray

Dead Childreneito

Drummer Eight (栄翔)

With this second preview of Dead Children’s music, we are now able to speculate musical direction they are going for.

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the reunion of MAST and Ray, both previously in the iconic Visual Kei band Aliene Ma’riage from 1998 and 2001. This comeback is something we have all been waiting for since Ray’s previous band Nega disbanded back in 2013.

Black Lily can be found in Dead Children’s first mini-album Haunted Vox, which is on sale since August 19! If you are not yet convinced, take a look at the generous video digest provided below.

DEad Children Haunted Box

Haunted Vox

Regular edition 2000 yen


  1. D.N.A
  2. Heretical Child
  3. Jubaku ni Mushibamareta, Sei wo Nozomu Tsubasa (呪縛に蝕まれた、生を望む翼 )
  4. Black Lily
  6. Yukai no Yubiwa (樹海の指輪)

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