ONE OK ROCK have recently announced their sign with American label Warner Bros. Records, and to celebrate this new phase in ONE OK ROCK’s career, they have announced their first American album! The album will be out on September 25, and will be a “Deluxe version” of their latest album, 35xxxv. The album, however, will include all-English lyrics and will feature two new songs not included in the Japanese version, plus different album art.

Furthermore, besides their already announced one-man tour around the US, they have also announced to tour alongside All Time Low and Sleeping with Sirens on October. Are you excited for this new phase in ONE OK ROCK’s career, or do you think this is a mistake and will only lead to more “mainstream” and generic songs from them?

Tour schedule:


ONE OK ROCK – 35XXXV “Deluxe Version”
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More info:
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