Cardia (カルディア) has released the details for their 4th, and a short clip of the music video for its main track. Long time followers of the band will notice that this single is breaking the cycle of their previous singles: “Urei. (愁い。)” is not only missing the unique, ear-catching titles that we’re use to, but the tracklist consists of two songs, while all of the previous singles have three. The most noteworthy difference, though, is that Cardia will release a music video for the first time since they formed in 2013. It looks interesting so far, and the acting skills are right on cue.

I’ll definitely be getting a copy of “Urei.” when it hits the shelves on August 26; will anyone else?

Cardia Urei


CD 1080 yen
  1. Urei. (愁い。)
  2. Hitogata (ヒトガタ)

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