abstracts, which recently got signed to the label “Go With Me Records”, has sneakily released a video teaser of their upcoming work, marked to be release this year with the title “2K15“. In the short teaser we’re actually able to find vocals in the song! “Why is this surprising” you might ask?

Previously the band has been taking help from guest vocalists to provide vocals for their songs, during that time, the band didn’t actually release any information about their line-up, although recently on Facebook, the band revealed their (full) formation including their faces. The new band image exposed a total of four band members, however, something was lacking. While the band image displayed four members, the band describes themselves as a five-man band. So, could this be that the vocalist was missing during that shot? I would only assume all the details will soon to be revealed.

Stay alert this year “2K15” for a refreshing sound of progressive metal!

Update: The video has been removed by the band and is no longer available.

More info:
Official Website

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