There is a growing market in the doujin (original self-publish) music community and lately it has been blooming more than ever. This is thanks to the advancement of technology, not solely by the revolutionary existence of the world wide web, but in combination with factors such as how economical music equipments has become. Almost anyone with a slight knowledge in music can now easily set-up a basic home studio for a relatively cheap penny.

This led to – you guessed it – an explosion of independent music creators, all around the world, limited to no genre or whatsoever. In Japan, big conventions like Comiket who attracts over half a million visitors are dominated by doujin creators and circles. This of course includes not only doujin music but also doujinshi (manga/novels), various craftsmanship, games and much more.

As for this segment I want to share some of my favorite doujin artist/circles (which I subjectively deem as “the best”). The purpose is to turn the spotlight to these exceptional composers who normally wouldn’t get any exposure in the mainstream media. Hopefully some of you will continue to follow the work of these hardworking individuals! (They’re mostly active on twitter)

More to come, consider this a starter pack!

Silent Difference Banner

Fast paced metal with insanely crazy vocals! All vocals, arrangements, programming and lyrics by one person: Shiruhei.




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MuryokuP Banner

Known for his extensive and excessive use of piano. In the later work he started incorporating a lot symphonic instruments, sometimes along the usage of electronic sound.

MuryokuP – Aspirin (vocal cover by Shoohey)

MuryokuP – Mephisto

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Heterodyne Banner

The song below Eyes through the Veil is arranged and sung by Hellnear whose works is usually described as either melodic death metal or mathcore.

Heterodyne. – Eyes through the Veil

Heterodyne. – High-Side Injection

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Keinoaza Banner

Keinoaza has what I’d like to call it ‘a modern take on metal‘, where he combines melody, rhythm, heaviness but also pop to bring out very dynamic songs.

Keinoaza – a vision (vocal cover by Un3h)


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