Esprit D'Air is a three-piece rock band based in London, United Kingdom. The band reformed in 2016—three years after their disbandment. The guitarist Kai took over the role of the lead vocals, and the band released their comeback single, Rebirth in the same year.

Along with Dir en grey, Esprit D'Air were one of the first J-rock bands to appear in the video game, Rock Band 3 for the Xbox360 with their popular track, Shizuku.


Esprit D'Air originally formed in 2010, with Yosh on vocals, Kai on guitar, Ellis on bass, Daishi on drums and Yuki on rhythm guitar. Yuki left the band in 2011 due to personal reasons. The band achieved some success in the UK and Spain, and released cult classics such as The Hunter and Shizuku in 2012. However, again due to personal reasons, Yosh left the band in 2012. In 2013, the band recruited Coma on vocals and Hakuren on rhythm guitar but sadly, this line-up was short-lived as Coma went back to Japan and the band broke up the same year.

The current line-up now features three of the original members—Kai, Ellis and Daishi.


Vo. & Gt. Kai (2016 - present), Gt. (2010 - 2013)
Ba. Ellis (2010 - 2013, 2016 - present)
Dr. Daishi (2010 - 2013, 2016 - present)

Past members

Gt. Yuki (2010 - 2011)
Vo. Yosh (2010 - 2012)
Gt. Hakuren (2013)
Vo. Coma (2013)


Deai (2010)
The Hunter (2012)
Shizuku (2012)
Rebirth (2016)
Guiding Light (2017)


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