On May 23, visual kei loudcore band DAMNED released their exciting second music video, “Fla:ill”. Vocalist Keigo’s raw lyrics intertwine with a riveting composition that will blow you away!

Vocalist Keigo penned the lyrics, while guitarist “Kou.” composed the lightning-fast score. But don’t just take our word for it, as Kou. is boasting on Twitter, “I composed the fastest song in the history of DAMNED. Please listen to it a lot!”.

Add to this the sheer power and intensity of Keigo’s mind-blowing metal growls, and you have an auditory adrenaline rush that will have you hitting “replay” over and over.

DAMNED 『Fla:ill』Official Music Video

Mark your calendars for this July, when DAMNED the single Flai:ill is released to the world. But don’t fret, you can still satisfy your DAMNED cravings in the meantime with their fourth single, “room.”, available for purchase and streaming worldwide.

This June, fans in Japan can catch DAMNED live on tour. Guitarist Kou. graciously provided some handy tips for surviving a DAMNED live on Twitter—prepare your unbreakable heart, sturdy legs for jumping, snappy wrist for throwing your hands in the air, and of course, an official DAMNED towel to survive the wild mosh pit!

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